Protection for Your Device

Tech Defense Elite Tempered Glass

Tech Defense’s Elite Tempered Glass is as it name states; the elite in screen protection. With its slim profile at .26mm - .33mm boasting an astounding 9H hardness on the Mohs scale, HD transparency, enhanced touch screen sensitivity, and if that weren’t enough our Tech Defense Elite Tempered Glass is also treated with an oleophobic coating making it oil and liquid repellant as well. With your purchase we offer a lifetime replacement warranty with deductible, meaning you will never have to pay full price again for the same device. With our quality, service, and life-time product replacement warranty many have named us The Best Screen Protector for Your Iphone or Android Devices.

-slim profile

- HD Transparency

- 9H surface hardness

- oleophobic protective coating

- enhanced touch sensitivity

- lifetime product replacement warranty

True Armor Polyurethane

Our True Armor polyurethane offers a military grade material protection, bonded to your device ensuring lasting bubble free protection. The best possible low profile impact resistant protection the industry has to offer with a lifetime replacement warranty on the material. True armor is scratch proof, oil and water resistant .Chemically treated and constructed with absorbent resistant material to prevent the accumulation of germs, bacteria, and sediment. Paired with HD clarity and increased touch sensitivity True Armor is the answer to protection without the bulk. You can purchase a laser cut poly screen protector , back, or both!

-military grade protection

- bubble free

-impact resistant

-scratch proof

-low profile

- water/oil repellant

- chemically treated

-HD clarity

- increased touch sensitivity

- lifetime replacement warranty