Cell Phone Repair

For phone and tablet repairs in San Diego, Tech Defense should be your go-to spot. Our certified technicians are guaranteed to have your device repairs completed in 60 minutes or less on Apple cell phones provided the parts are in stock. Repairs which will take additional time will be communicated at the time of inspection of the device. All repairs come with a 6 month warranty, and we use only the highest grade, OEM standard parts. For San Diego cell phone & tablet repairs, always come to Tech Defense. We can repair a wide variety of devices, as listed below:

iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s

Samsung S3
Samsung S4
Samsung S5
Note 2
Note 3

Ipad 1 screen repair 
Ipad 2 screen repair 
Ipad 3 screen repair 
Ipad 4 screen repair 
Ipad mini screen repair 
Ipad Air screen repair 

We can repair any phone or tablet

Nokia screen repair
LG screen repair
Motorola screen repair
Droid screen repair
Samsung tab screen repair

Home Button Replacement
Water Damage Treatment
Charging Port Replacement
Speaker Replacement
All Iphone unlocking service

Repairs & Estimation Quote:

By placing an order for cell phone repair, estimation, or a free estimate service you certify that you are the device’s rightful owner and that you agree and understand the following:

  1. Repairing or attempting repair on a phone can cause the device not to power on under certain circumstances.
  2. All repair work, attempts, and parts are not refundable.
  3. Any physical damage and or liquid damage will not be covered by the 6-month warranty.
  4. Tech Defense is not responsible for any data loss.
  5. Tech Defense is not responsible for any further damage that may result from any estimation or repair attempt.
  6. A free repair estimate is only applicable if you choose to have the phone repaired or otherwise serviced, or if you do not want the phone back and request for it to be recycled. If you do not want your phone repaired or if it is non-repairable, a $100 bench fee will be assessed and you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.
  7. If customer supplies parts or spares for repair, lifetime warranty does not apply.
  8. Water and liquid damage repairs may require additional replacement parts that will be quoted to the customer at time of liquid damage assessment.
  9. Tech Defense is not responsible for cases, sim cards, or memory cards on the repaired device. It is recommended you take possession of these items at the time the device is dropped off at the location.

In order to obtain a repair estimate, please navigate the required section on the home page of this site, and provide as much detail as possible. Because this quote is an estimate of the labor and materials required to repair your device, please be descriptive when explaining your device’s problems. In the event that additional problems are found with your device, you will be contacted for your approval prior to the completion of any repair work. If you accept the Tech Defense estimate, upon the successful completion of repair on your device your credit card will be charged accordingly, plus $10 for shipping and handling. If you decline the additional repair quote or if the device is deemed to be non-repairable your card will be charged a $15 diagnostics fee plus the $10 shipping and handling. Alternatively, Tech Defense can recycle your device and save you the $10 shipping and handling fee. Tech Defense will not accept liability on any lost or damaged devices during shipping, most shipping methods come with $50.00 of insurance, terms and redemption are solely through the shipping facilitator and not through Tech Defense, if additional insurance is requested additional fees will be charged accordingly.

Personal Data:

Tech Defense strongly advises that you remove all personal data from your device prior to shipment. By sending your device, you agree to release Tech Defense from any claim regarding the data stored on your device. Data could be recognized but not limited to the following: contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, and e-mails. If you send your device in with such data you understand that such data may be erased in the repair process.