Tech Defense – About us

At Tech Defense we aim to assist our customers in personalizing, protecting, and repairing their phones and other personal devices with a skill and professionalism that is above our competitors.

Our technicians must go through hands-on training and pass an in-field written test. Once they have completed the training they use only Grade A or OEM parts to protect and repair any customer's personal device.

Personalization is a top priority with Tech Defense. We offer cell phone bumpers, color housing, and Royal Wraps. Royal Wraps are 100% scratchproof and bubble free military grade polyurethane. They come with a lifetime warranty and can be applied to smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices, watches and more.

We can repair a cracked or shattered smartphone screen to be like new, and can also repair water damage.

Visit us at one of our many San Diego area locations to see what we can do for you!